To create unforgettable memories in each childhood.


To create a fun environment to nurture learning through play.


(May 2012)
We are parents too.

As parents of Darrel and Charisse aged 9 and 3, we understand the importance of play in the growing up years of our children.

Parents like their children to have quality play time in a safe and stimulating environment with the right equipment and toys. Our soft play structure allows kids to have a physical workout and tone their motor skills while our theme role play houses with carefully selected toys stretch their imagination and creativity and at the same time develop their character and learning.

The inspiration behind the name Tickle Tickle came about as all parents would have that special tickle tickle moment with your child. That moment of fun and giggle is an unforgettable memory. We like your child to have an unforgettable memory in our Tickle Tickle playground too.

We hope your child will enjoy playing in Tickle Tickle playground as much as you having quality bonding time with them.

(April 2017)
5 years on, Darrel and Charisse are already 14 and 8 respectively. Darrel has outgrown his interest in playgrounds now. Charisse still likes an occasional play date session with a couple of close friends to hang out at the playgrounds. Creative and pretend play has definitely contributed positively to the development of our children and we hope that it does the same for your children too.

Yours sincerely,
Albert Ng and Grace Lee