Welcome to Tickle Tickle indoor playground.


This outlet is the first in Singapore to have a 4-in-one playground concept. (a) It has a softplay structure where there are ball pits, flying fox, slides and obstacles. (b) There are also 3 theme houses like supermarket, home and café where kids can enjoy pretend play activities. (c) There are also lots of toys in the theme houses and many ride-ons for kids to choose from. (d) There are also interactive play equipment where the mechanical structure moves and allow kids to interact with much fun. Check our video on Facebook.




Our Candy Land theme with bright colours of ice cream, lollipops and candies are loved by all the kids. The four theme houses (home, cafe, supermarket, workshop) with lots of pretend play toys for each house are hot favourites for all children. Look out for the cars, ride-on, train set and more toys.  Kids will have a blast of a time!



Our Cartoon Village theme gives a refreshing feel to the urban jungle we live in. The kids will have an great adventure exploring all the obstacles. The two theme houses (restaurant and toy shop) have lots of pretend play toys. Check out our cars, ride-on, train set and more toys.  Kids will have a blast of a time!


The high quality toys are carefully selected to inspire learning through role play and pretend play.



Read the Play in Early Childhood section on the inspiration of creating the playground and the thoughts put in to select the right toys for your children.




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